Send virtual IOUs to each other!

An IOU (an abbreviation for "I owe you") is a note that is given from one person to another that states that the holder of the IOU is owed something by the person who wrote it. Here at I Owe You you can write out virtual IOUs to each other. It could be for anything from a taco (for the bet the other day?), a date (not recommended) or a hug (recommended) or simply $5.03 (GAS money, baby). You can also write “You Owe Me”s, which is just like an IOU except that the IOU holder is the one who owes the item written on the IOU. When you send an IOU to someone on I Owe You, that person can either accept or deny the IOU. When the IOU is paid, you can mark it as completed. If you want to send an IOU to someone who does not have an account with us, that’s fine! You can still create IOUs for that person for your personal record keeping. If you can convince the person to create an account, all the IOUs under that person's name will even be transferred to him or her.

Enjoy the site!

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